Yogendra Yadav confront Kejriwal for the final time before his expulsion from AAP in this explosive letter

... all in the name of social welfare

A Detailed Analysis:
How BJP got wiped out in Delhi

From bad timing to complacency to back-to-back tactical mistake to severe leadership crisis that led to this extremely symbolic and massive defeat for BJP. A detailed analysis of what went wrong ...

Straight Speak:
RSS vs Modi - Transition from Hindutva to Development is Slow but Steady

It's almost like Mohan Bhagwat is trying to nullify every attempt of the PM to change the narrative from communal issues to development agenda. RSS under Bhagwat is functioning like an internal opposition ...

Confront: India has ZERO leverage over Pakistan or China, and we’re scared to get our hands dirty

Pakistan will not wake up one day and decide to bury it’s enmity with India. That day will never come. “Aman Ki Aasha” is a mirage, to engage the fools. There’s no point chasing it. The problem is that India despite being several times prosperous, stable and powerful than Pakistan – doesn’t have any leverage over Pakistan. So ...

The Ugly Truth: How Islam uses Secularism Against Democracy

Big Question:
The Dharam Sankat of Ghar Vapsi

... If the dharma sankat of Ghar Vapsi can be resolved to the advantage of removing the divide between the high caste Dwij and those in the lower rung of Hindu social order, then it will be indeed be an important tool for achieving an egalitarian society. Then all SC/ ST Hindus can discard the yoke of apartheid suffered by them for five millennium, but ...

Reclaiming Morality in our Dharma

... There is no doubt that the religious term Hindu Dharma is derived from Hindustan in order to describe varied and confusing forms of religious worship. The latter, while it appeared similar, simultaneously made a mark of religious distinction (as against the religion of Muslims)
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